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Now you can push even an ordinary guitar into the boutique range by having the finest frets installed.

Fret jobs like this can only be found on guitars for $3000 and up.

Hi John,


I cannot believe that in all the years that the guitar has been a popular instrument, that someone has not realized before, the things you have discovered about the string vibrations along the length of the fretboard requiring more or less space. You are that one person every few generations that can make a difference.

Thanks to you my guitars have become

Great Guitars..


Two By 2


Here is a fretjob on a usa jazzmaster style


Refrets start at $300, which includes planing the fretboard with the proper radius and action that defies logic, with very little string buzz.

$300 for bolt on necks must mail neck only stainless plus $50

$50 extra to refinish maple fingerboards or save original finish on maple board

$400 for set neck guitars stainless plus $100

$500 for set neck guitars with binding sst +$100

No room for whole guitars so it's going to cost you if you want the best.

$40 for new Gibson shape bone nut

$30 for new Fender style bone nut or Graphtech XL trem nuts

*all labor subject to 8.25% sales tax

Shop around and see what you will pay for the other guy's ordinary straight fret jobs that buzz on the bass notes.

Many customers ship us just their neck* to save on shipping.

If you have a guitar with a bolt on neck, this might be the answer for you.

*Whole guitars require an additional setup fee, however this renders the best results! It costs more but it's worth it.


This is a 1mm pick held up under the strings at the 12th fret...that's about 1/32". This is with a vintage 7 1/4 radius. This guitar plays every note clearly and will string bend without fretting out. This is not supposed to be possible. That is what Fretboard Contouring can do!

"Sent my baby (my 2002 Fender Custom Shop Limited Edition "Z-Esquire") to John on a recommendation from an online guitar forum. The first time I'd ever let her out of my site in 8 years. The frets were so worn out, I had to keep the action high to make it play without buzzing. A few weeks later, that guitar came back and it's literally better than ever. Most incredible refret I've ever seen. Trust that if you put your guitar in the hands of "Big John" that you're gonna get a job done with the utmost of care and respect to the instrument. Thanks bud!!!!"

Jay Juliano lead guita "Slamabama"

Hey John, Just a note to thank you for the great work you did with the re-fret and set-up on my '69 Les Paul. In the 35 years I've owned it, I can truthfully say that it has never played as beautifully as it does now. You are indeed "The Man"...! Sincerely, Rob Watts

"I paid $600 for a fretjob from this one guy, and had to have Big John redo it! The other guy used the wrong frets and it played horrible. The amazing thing is, Big John only charged $200 (a long time ago) and it was perfect!" Tai C.


"Thanks Big John, I am still enjoying the last fret job you did. You do real pro work."

Randy Knight


"This tele is amazing! It plays so easy and it almost will not buzz!" - Jason


"People this guy is the real deal, no magical incantations and vintage gobble de gook, just experience and unmatched results. I am tired of getting screwed around by the other guys. Big John is the only guy I go to now!"


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