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Very few guitars have frets level with each other.

(regardless of the name on the head stock or how much you paid for it)

Includes fret board contouring as far as existing fret height will allow.

Includes nut slots filed for best playability and tuning.

If you want to make a real difference in your guitar get it done.
Remember it's your time and effort put into perfecting your art. You're worth it!

$50 plain setup no leveling
unfortunately very few guitars frets are level enough for this
so keep that in mind when looking at prices.
$125 For fret level crown and dress on narrow frets with setup.
$150 guitars with wide jumbo frets.
$175 guitars with wide  jumbo frets and double locking trem.
includes locking nut height adjustment

*All labor subject to 8.25% sales tax
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