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Welcome to your new home for TONE!

Big John's Guitars

repair shop and custom guitars.

text 940 206 0517

By appointment only please.

940 206  0517

Denton, Tx. 76209

Stay tuned for more pics and custom options.

Wanted to post a little endorsement. I've played guitar for over 35 years, owned well over a hundred guitars & have had setups done by a lot of great guitar guys including Rene Martinez, Zack Berry & Roger Sadowsky. Plus I have generally done my own setups for the last decade or so, so I'm a picky SOB. The fret level & setup John just did on my Les Paul is about the best setup I've ever had the pleasure of playing on - I can't set it down since picking it up this afternoon!

Thanks John!                                                Dave Smith


Hi John,

Thanks for the prompt attention to my refret and neck contour.

I have now set the neck up and have played quite a few hours and I just cannot believe the improvement your fret job has done, I am an oldschool player from the 60's and use my thumb all the time, I can now play heavy handed without fret buzz at all , something I have been trying to get fixed for a long time, even putting high frets on to try to fix the problem, nobody has been able to fix this for me until now, and you have been able to fix this with small vintage frets.. Thank you so much...                                                                    

John Fox

Two By 2



"John - thanks for all the great work you have done for me! Your fret dress really brought my American Standard Tele back to life - now it plays amazingly well and sounds perfectly in tune, even with heavy strings. I've always felt that having a properly set up guitar is the most important part of the tone equation - I don't need a custom shop guitar when this one sounds and plays just as good, if not better." Jacob Wise of the grammy award winning UNT one o'clock jazz band         some other one o'clock player's guitars!

"Thanks for the killer setup you did on the Gibson double cut. You are the setup master. that thing sounds and plays amazing now." Jason


"Hey Big John this is Ray. That tele you custom built is the finest playing guitar I have owned.You are right about the big frets, so much sustain. For anybody wondering how the series tele mod sounds, it is too cool. You put that thing in the middle pos. and boom! Solo time and still looks stock. I can not wait for my next one." R.R.

Big fan of Big John's work!


Hey People, how many times have you sat down to play, and you figure out that you are engaged in the fight of your life because your guitar is holding you back? then you go and watch one of the big boys and he makes playing look almost effortless.There is a reason for that. Have you ever listened to someone playin a strat and realized that a strat does not produce the sounds you are hearing? That there is more sound between your fingers than is making it to the amp...and it does'nt matter how much you paid for the guitar..there is something seriously wrong with this picture..everybody should have a guitar that helps them to do what they are trying to do. So you take the guitar to somebody and they set it up and you get it back only to find that the luthier did only just that? and guess what you just paid 50-100 bucks to someone who just wanted your money, did the bare minimum handed back your 

guitar and now it plays in tune but you are still fighting the guitar. John is someone who takes the time to evaluate the guitar and figure out what needs to be done to take it from being a attractive looking wood sculpture, to making it an actual instrument you can play and do something with-I've had brand new instruments( out of the box) that needed a fret level-Fenders are notorious for this(the frets can actually stifle the sound the guitar produces imagine the disappointment with that, 1200.00 for a frikin wood sculpture, about all you can say about that is uhmm shiny. John will help you with all of this and it won't be voodoo vintage crap - it will be what it needs, I can personally recommend the series/parallel strat wiring, and the fret leveling you won't believe how much that will help you!!!


Hey John

I really appreciate the time and effort you put in to my strat. The action is better than it's every been. You have my loyalty as a customer on all my guitars. The thing ( series tone mod for strat )you did with my tone knob was cool and sounds great.


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